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As a student in Journalism at Indiana University, he interviewed Eleanor Roosevelt.  Later, while traveling by train to northern Indiana, he went to the dining car and, much to his surprise, found her eating there and waiving him over to sit with her.

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Interviewing Jack Benny for Stars & Stripes

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Russ was the anchor of the evening newscasts for a few weeks in 1968 during an anchor strike — they don’t strike any more!

Russell Tornabene with Walter

With Walter Cronkite at a Society of Professional Journalists event in NY.  That is Brian Williams in the background.

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He worked for NBC for 30 years – 20 years in NY at 30 Rockefeller Plaza.



Russ’ wife, Audrey, and 2 daughters, Lynn & Leigh.

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Son, Joe (living in Lyon, France) and his wife, Geraldine


Joe’s children Charlie Mario & Themis

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Son David with wife Kathleen and Russ’ grandson Sammy


Russ with grandson, Thomas


Audrey with son-in-law Bob Maresca

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